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Wild Purple Productions is dedicated to the growth and awareness of couples social dance and it's impact on the human experience.

Wild Purple Productions is dedicated to the growth and awareness of couples social dance and it's impact on the human experience.  Dance stretches the body, mind, and spirit and can take the individual on a life journey of health and wellness.

Debra Ward
Instructor / Choreographer

Debra has been travelling across North America since 1999, learning from the Top West Coast Swing Dancers / Competitors on the Swing circuit, as well as Country Western Dance, American Ballroom and Latin circuits. Using universal fundamentals of dance technique & connection she has been coaching and instructing individuals for the past 15 years, utilizing variations in style, rhythm & timing, and coaching peers how to create and fuse dances together. It is her great joy to share her knowledge with others and to inspire them in their amazing experience of dance.

Couples dancing is a conversation, and Debra specializes in the fundamentals of lead and follow and encourages the ever evolving, ever changing perfect conversation between two people.


A few years ago I decided to follow a lifelong dream of mine -to take dance lessons. Thanks to Debra Ward my dream is very much alive. She has been such a great find. Her knowledge of dance and movement is brilliant. But additionally( and just as important) she has the personality and heart to make dance: fun, challenging and empowering. And last but certainly not least I have also become part of a dance community that has enriched my life.
— Louella M.
Dance has been a big part of my life for many years, but these last couple of years I have decided to focus mainly on WCS. Largely due to the fact that Debra Ward is our instructor .We here in Winnipeg are very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from a very talented and gifted instructor. Debra lives, breathes,sleeps and shops WCS! Her passion is contagious and she makes it very easy to get addicted. Our community continues to grow through her hard work and dedication. Her classes are fun and creative, and I am always learning something new and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. She wants us to be better then we ever thought possible and is always encouraging. I always look forward to my Wednesday, Friday-Ladies styling classes and Sunday lesson. Debra feeds my dance soul and I thank Deb for teaching me that dance is ageless and life giving!
— Tammy M.
Because of Debra, not only was I able to learn not just 1, but a variety of different dances in different origins from Nightclub Two-step to Bachata. As a West Coast Swing dancer, she’s been able to help me achieve such a high and sophisticated level of dancing that has helped and will continue to help me as a dancer and as a competitive WCS dancer. Her classes are not only incredibly fun and energetic but also are filled with knowledge and skills that will help improve your physicality both in dance and in day to day life on and off the dance floor.
— Renz A.
Dancers are athletes. They are highly trained, multi-skilled and have a passion that drives them forward both in their work in the studio, in their communities and around the world. Just like any other professional ‘sport’ dancers tend to find one another where ever they go, they bring life to every person, place and thing they touch. I have been a dancer my entire life - it feeds my soul - it carries me from day to day even when I am not dancing. It isn’t everyday that you meet another dancer with the same level of commitment to the art as you do - but when you do, it excites every nerve of your entire body.

Debra Ward is a dancer, teacher and heart that can not be matched. She welcomes everyone to her West Coast swing classes with open arms, a smile and a skip in her step. Her teaching style is engaging and easy to follow, from beginners who have never danced before to professionals such as myself. Beginners and those who have experience in West Coast are encouraged to mix in certain classes and in practices to give everyone the opportunity to learn. Debra handles every level in each of her classes seamlessly. Her movement in the studio and on the dance floor is effortless, following the beat of the music and expressing the noticeable and subtle changes with her own unique flare. Getting to dance with Debra during classes and practises is such a treat - you never want the song to end. With no judgement Debra will help you achieve any goal that you have with West Coast swing while adding dance, art and culture to your lifestyle. A lifelong friend in dance and outside of the studio, Debra Ward is someone who I wish I could dance with everyday and will continue to learn from for the rest of my life.
— Frances Y. - Professional Contemporary Dancer living in Toronto, Personal Trainer with Think Fitness Studios, Crossfit Level 1 Certified

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