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Wild Purple Productions is dedicated to the growth and awareness of couples social dance and it's impact on the human experience.

Our Classes

Wild Purple Productions is dedicated to the growth and awareness of couples' social dance and its impact on the human experience. Dance stretches the body, mind, and spirit, and can take the individual on a life journey of health and wellness.

All of our group classes are drop-in, no monthly registration required, singles welcome, no partner necessary,

with a great emphasis on a  fun, friendly learning atmosphere!

West Coast Swing 

West Coast Swing is a fun, dynamic, partner dance where you can dance to your favorite music - Pop, Hip-Hop, Funk, R&B, Contemporary, Top 40, and Country.  It is typically danced in a stationary slot running the length of the floor using fundamental 6 & 8 count patterns.  This incredible dance allows you to incorporate your own personal style and expression, as well as mastering your partner skills.  Because of this, and its incredible cool factor, it is the fastest growing partner dance sweeping the globe

West Coast Swing - Beginner Level 1 - This class will teach you the the fundamental rhythm, structure, and all of the foundation basic 6-count and 8-count patterns for all of your West Coast Swing moves.

West Coast Swing - Beginner Level 2 - Learn how to build on your current 6-count and 8-count basic patterns and create easy transitions.

Prerequisite required - WCS Beginner Level 1

West Coast Swing - All Level Class  - This is an accelerated class where we learn and/or review basic patterns and, in the same hour, learn how to create fun new variations while working on fundamentals - Beginners welcome.  Try out this fun dance and see where it can take you!

West Coast Swing - Intermediate - Work on taking your dance to the next level: the technical structure of the dance, more advanced body movements, foot drills, and musicality.

Prerequisite required - completion of WCS Beg Level 1 & Level 2, or working knowledge of West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing - Advanced Techniques  - In this class we will be working on dips, slides, and advanced techniques to advance your dance and partnering skills.

Prerequisite required - Must have completed Beg Level 1 & 2, and currently participating in WPP Intermediate WCS classes

Classes every Monday & Thursday - Check out our calendar for details


Night Club Two Step

Night Club Two Step is a great dance to learn to dance to your favorite R&B, easy listening, smooth Jazz or favorite romantic ballad.  This is a smooth, free flowing dance that can be danced in both stationary and travelling patterns across the dance floor with it's quick quick slow rhythm.  This is a favorite.

Night Club Two Step  - Beginner - This series walks you through the fundamental movements of this beautiful dance. You learn both stationary and travelling patterns to get you moving quickly on the dance floor.

Night Club Two Step - Intermediate - We will use the fundamental patterns learned in the beginner series and add new concepts of lead and follow to bring in more dynamic formations - so much fun!!  

Please see calendar for class schedule.

Mobility and Strengthening

If you think strength and mobility think of going Wild!!!

Wild Purple productions is dedicated to functional movement and helping learn to stay mobile and to improve your total range of motion.

Please see calendar for upcoming group lessons.


Ladies Styling

Ladies' Styling focuses on providing a stimulating, safe environment where people can feel free to express themselves - The main focus of the program is for any woman to gain the confidence and ease of movement to walk into any room and release her inner diva!


Ladies' Styling  - West Coast Swing - This class is slightly different, with focus on bringing your dancing to the next level.  You will be able to add style and different movements within the patterns that are being led - not instead of.

Prerequisite required - WCS Beginner Level 1

Please see calendar for upcoming lessons.


Musicality is  a specialized designed workshop to help you take what you have already learned about timing and rhythm and to get you to start moving to the music in a whole new way.  Find your groove!

Please see calendar for upcoming workshops or you can contact us via - our contact page

Professional Workshops

Professional Workshops - We are providing even more new initiatives for West Coast Swing, and providing more specialized movement classes and workshops.  We have contracted both local and international staff to delve deeper into concepts, and allow you to open your potential for you dance.  Keep an eye on what will come next.  We are very excited!!!

Keep an eye out on Facebook, our Westie Blog, or Workshop Weekend page for the next workshop.


Weekly and Monthly Dances

Weekly Practices -  we host weekly West Coast Swing dance practices - encouraging you to practice what you have learned, to meet others in the dance community, or maybe pick up a new move or two.  This is a great social environment to dance with many people and hone your lead and follow and musicality skills.  Instructors will be available throughout the evening providing assistance or answering questions. 

Monthly / Bi-Monthly Events -Wild Purple Productions is always seeking out new venues for you to dance in or hosting events for you to dance the night away - to go out and have a good time with your friends. 

Please see calendar for upcoming events.




Private Parties, Stagettes, Team Performances -  for a fun evening out with the girls.  Learn a choreographed Burlesque routine.

Or maybe you are looking for something a little more challenging - enroll for a challenging workout and learn a full Burlesque dance routine.  Too much fun to miss out on.

Contact us to book your private function or to register for upcoming classes.

Group Lesson Cost

Adult - $10.00 /person

Student - $7.00/person (student card to be present at time of class sign-in)

Pre-Pay Option - Don't have to worry about carrying cash - purchase one of our 8 class pre-pay cards and receive a discount!


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